The Fallen of Dervio

This post is of course linked to yesterday’s one, as it shows the surroundings of Dervio’s War Memorial. Statues were one of the forms used in Italy for the cult of fallen heroes. Another form were the Parchi delle Rimembranze, i.e. trees with the name of the fallen soldiers. Interestingly, the little main square of Dervio hosts these two types of memorials.

As the plate is hardly readble, here’s the transcription:

In memoria

sold. ORIO Meirando

caduto 16/2/1917

Prigionero di Guerra

which can be translated as:

In memoriam

soldier ORIO Meirando

Fallen 16/2/1917

War Prisoner

Note that there was a mistake, as Meirando was the family name of this soldier.



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