La Grande Guerra

A “commercial” post for today, but it’s for a just cause… La Grande Guerra is a 72-page Italian magazine dedicated to the Great War and I have the pleasure to be one of the founders, with other friends. We try to publish an issue every quater, even if it’s not an easy task!

The 11th issue has just been printed, here’s the content:

– Il 6° gruppo obici pesanti campali nella Grande Guerra, by Filippo Lombardi

– C.A.M. – Centre d’Aviation Maritime – Venise, by Giovanni Solli

– Il primo caduto della Croce Rossa Americana, by Alberto Galazzetti

– Il Cleopatra’s Needle di Londra, Giancarlo Finizio

– Aspetti politici, strategici ed operativi della campagna di Romania del 1916, by Giancarlo Finizio

I wasn’t able to write any article for this issue, I had to much to do for this blog :-).

If you are interested in this magazine or want to write article, just go to this page or contact me!



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