The “Prix de Tir”

Today’s item is a “Prix de Tir”, an award given to soldiers who were considered as marksmen/sharpshooters. The weapons used were revolvers or rifles for NCOs, rifles for corporals and privates.

During the competitions, the best soldier was awarded a golden plated award, the second and the third one a silver one, like the model presented today. This prize was worn for one year and the soldier had to do another competition and to be classified again to be authorized to keep it.

This prize is very similar to the symbol of French Chasseurs, therefore keep it in mind when you study French uniforms (one example here).

prix de tir


One thought on “The “Prix de Tir”

  1. As a horn player, I can attest to the idea that accuracy with a rifle is much like producing accurate notes on this difficult musical instrument. (Though no one can get killed! — usually 🙂 To make a sound is easy but to control it and make consistent correct pitches requires much practice.

    This “cor de chasse” looks similar to a posthorn or bugle, but is much longer. In the 19th century it was a very common outdoor instrument associated with the formal hunt with horses and hounds, and would have been a familiar symbol to most Frenchmen. You can see and hear more of this instrument at a post I wrote:

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