Britannici sull’altopiano dei sette comuni

Today’s post is not dedicated to a picture, but to a book I’ve just received. It has just been published and has been written by Andrea Vollman and Francesco Brazzale, a friend of mine. This work is about the story and the action of the British Expeditionary Force in Italy and especially on the Asiago plateau between 1917 and 1918.

Here’s a translation of the index:

Chapter 1. From Flanders to Venetia

Chapter 2. Life behind the lines

Chapter 3. Logistic services

Chapter 4. On the Altopiano Front

Chapter 5. British Army in action on the Altopiano

Chapter 6. A Busy week (from Arthur Lambert, Over the Top. A “P.B.I.” in the “H.A.C.”, 1930)

Chapter 7. Edward and Vera Brittain

Chapter 8. Stonehenge on the Kaberlaba

Chapter 9. British War Cemeteries

I just had the time to have a quick look at the book’s content and there are a lot of pictures related to British Army in Italy I didn’t know! Books about British Army in Italy are rather scarse, therefore I think that such a work fills a gap. The book isn’t available for the time being on Amazon, but you can find it here (or let me know if you want me to contact the author).

The cover of the book

Granezza British Cemetery

Granezza cemetery is one of the 5 British cemeteries located on the Asiago altipiano, and probably the most famous one, because it holds the grave of Edward Brittain, the brother of Vera Brittain. There are 142 graves (including 3 of unknown soldiers). Most of these soldiers, NCOs and officers were killed during the Austro-Hungarian offensive of June 1918.

This picture was taken in summer. Indeed, from November to May the access to this cemetery is almost impossible, as shown by this other photograph.

A view of the cemetery