38th (Welsh) Division Memorial, Mametz Wood

The Monument in 2012

A pic taken last summer during my Somme pilgrimage!

This stunning Welsh dragon memorial marks the location where the 38th (Welsh) Division set off to attack Mametz Wood on the 7th July 1916 and suffered heavy losses. The wood was eventually cleared by 14th July but at a cost of over 4,000 British casualties.

The memorial is located to the north-east of Mametz village, and on the south side of Mametz Wood (Bois de Mametz). From the direction of Mametz village the D184 (Rue de la Libération) main road from Fricourt to Montauban-de-Picardie is signposted in the direction of Contalmaison (Rue Böelle). After about 800 metres a right turn signposts to the “Mémorial Galois (Welsh Memorial) — 38 ain Rhaniad Cymraig — 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial”.

Proceed along the metalled single-track road for approximately 250 metres to a fork in the road and follow the sign for the memorial to the right. After about 2 kilometres you will arrive at the parking area/turning circle for the memorial. Please be advised that this is a single-track road and there are limited passing places.

From the parking area/turning circle there is a single (non-metalled) track (Rue Santin) which continues on for about 2.5 kilometres from the 38th Division Memorial, past Flat Iron Copse Cemetery and on to the D20 Longueval to Contalmaison road. Although this track may be passable for light vehicles in dry weather, it is generally only advisable to use it as a route for walkers.

The memorial is reached by a single track metalled road. There is a designated car parking place and turning circle close to the memorial.

Source: www.greatwar.co.uk


One thought on “38th (Welsh) Division Memorial, Mametz Wood

  1. Inspired by Tom Price the South Wales Branch of the Western Front Association undertook and fund raised this project. It commissioned David Petersen to create the Dragon. It commissioned a local builder, monsieur Caruelle to prepare the site and build the plinth. It negotiated with the landowner the Marquis de Thezy Vitasse for the land and due to its efforts the monument has survived and has been newly refurbished. A centenary commemoration will be held on July 7th 2016.

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