A letter from the front

This letter was written on September 12, 1917 by a soldier of the 509th Compagnia Mitragliatrici Fiat. The machine gun was the Fiat mod. 1914 and thanks to my database, we know where this man was (he was obliged by censorship to write that he was in “Zona di Guerra“, war zone).

This company had been created in January 1917 and was operating in the 7th Gruppo Alpini of the 12th Army Corps. Between July and September this company was located north of Monte Piccolo, which is in Udine province, at the frontier between Italy and Austria. After Caporetto events, this company was reorganised and men sent to other units.

This letter is sent to a priest, Don Gerolamo, and the soldier is quite astonished by the fact that the priest was called to arms, because of his age, and because of the fact that war was going to end soon. The author of the letter, Raimondo Bellini, was from the region of Como.

A letter written a 12 September, 95 years ago


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