Post-War Tourism – another tank

Yes, another tank photographed after the war (another gift from my friend Alberto). This time, its name is “Lyric” and he was located on the road to Châlons, near the Fort de la Pompelle. The interestingt fact that this tank hadn’t been destroyed during the German attack in June 1918. Even better, it even wasn’t a British tank captured by German forces. And who knows if it ever was in the Fort de la Pompelle zone during the war.

How is it possible? Quite simple: “Lyric” is a “fake tank”. On the old battlefield, tourists, in the 20’s were used to watch and visit “Liesel“, but it was too badly damaged (and therefore dangerous for visitors) and too far away from the road. That’s why French authorities decided to replace it with a more touristic-compliant tank:  “Lyric”, which was a gift of British Army to France (several tanks were given to French villages in the 20’s).

“Lyric”, just like “Lotte“, was finally destroyed during WW2.

“Lyric” Tank photographed in the post-war years


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