A forgotten K.u.K. cemetery

I’ve just found a lot of unclassified photos I’ve done in 2010, and they include a lot of pictures taken on the Asiago plateau. Today’s picture is about the entrance of Mosciagh 3, a K.u.K. cemetery, located where was the front line. Here lie 121 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army (209 according to wikipedia), mainly from LIR 3, SCH 3, IR 11, IR 18, IR 55, IR 73 , IR 87 and IR 225 regiments, killed between 1915 and 1918. Hard to believe, there was a restoration of this cemetery in 1994…

The entrance of the cemetery

Why such a strange name? Simply because there are 3 Austro-Hungarian cemeteries on this mountain (Monte Mosciagh). Mosciagh 3 is located a few hundred meters away from Bivio del Francese, a place where you can park your car if it survives several kilometers of bad road…


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