A 1930 cigarette card album

Today’s special is a German album, published in Dresden in 1930, containing 270 cigarette cards. It’s simply entitled “Der Weltkrieg“. It represents a very interesting document, because it shows the German point of view of WW1 before nazi era. One other goind thing about this album is that you can easily find it on the Web or in flea markets (if you’re in Germany, of course). That’s why you shouldn’t spend more than 20 Euros to get one.

Most of the time, these albums are sold with all the 270 cards, which makes me suppose that they were sold already complete. Does anyone have information about such albums?

A page of the album, with pictures of the battle of the Somme


One thought on “A 1930 cigarette card album

  1. I have one of these albums. It is missing 1 card (#175). There does not appear to be any glue residue where the card is to be. There is a line drawing of an artillery shell directly under where the card would be placed. Several other cards are a little loose but enough glue left that you would tear out any paper beneath the card. For these reasons, I believe that most of the cards were glued in by individuals.

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